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Benefits of membership:

  • As a member you will have access to greater detail and all of the features of our site.
  • You can create and maintain your personal health profile (which can include illnesses, allergies, dietary preferences, health risks and medications that you are taking), so that you can receive personalized information from our site.
  • You can access many features that are not available to visitors such as:
    • Suggest a Food which offers recommendations for food or remedies within a food group that you have selected that ties to your personal health and diet profile and preferences.
    • Is it good or bad for me which answers the question of whether an individual food item or alternative therapy is helpful or harmful to your individual health profile.
    • Detailed list of dietary recommendations organized by food group made available via the Show Me More feature.
    • The above features can be very helpful when dining out, grocery shopping or planning meals.
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