Announcing Automated Recipe Health Assessment

  The expert system identifies helpful and harmful recipes based on an individual’s health Boston, June 26, 2018. Personal Remedies announces availability of the first fully automated capability in the healthcare industry, that can assess suitability of any recipe as it relates to a specific health issue or the unique health profile of an individual. 

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Open API for Chronic Care Management

  Developers can produce intelligent and personalized dietary services for patients and consumers Boston, June 8, 2018. Personal Remedies is delighted to announce availability of a new industry standard API (Application Programming Interface) for access to its knowledgebase. PR knowledgebase is the product of an AI-based technology that can capture, aggregate, analyze and summarize latest 

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My Dietitian – New and Intelligent Skill for Amazon Alexa

Finally, there is an intelligent health & nutrition skill available to the Amazon Alexa/Echo users. The new skill is called My Dietitian and it provides actionable dietary guidance for thirty four most common chronic illnesses. This skill is yet another application of the unique and powerful knowledgebase and expert system created by Personal Remedies — 

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New App for Lupus (SLE) and Autoimmunity

Our new app on Lupus along with its common comorbidities is now available at all major app stores. It includes the most comprehensive approach to autoimmunity including guidelines for: detoxification, microbiome health, leaky gut, and anti-inflammation diets.

Help for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients!

Announcing our new app on dietary guidelines for CKD and its various complications and health risks. This app also provides separate guidelines for those patients who need to reduce their phosphorous intake, reduce their potassium intake, or increase their potassium intake.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans — Two New Apps

Announcing the first apps to support the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, produced jointly by the US Dept. of Health & Human Services and the US Dept. of Agriculture. Based on the content of the official Guidelines, we have produced a separate app for 50+ Americans. Both apps are available on all major app stores.

Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease with MIND diet

The first tool in support of the most promising study, recently published and easy to follow MIND diet is available now at all major app stores. Significant reduction in the risk of Alzheimer’s reported by the scientists who conducted the study. Look for Choose This not That for Alzheimer’s Disease (MIND) app, at your favorite 

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