The telehealth company GoHealthNow goes “live” with Personal Remedies

GoHealthNow is a leading resource for occupational health and individual wellness. Based in Silicon Valley, it is led by Dr. Steven Gest, a pioneer in the telehealth industry. The company is rapidly gaining traction as companies are seeking ways to lower their healthcare costs and increase employee productivity.

GoHealthNow has chosen Personal Remedies to enhance their online platform in order to better address care for chronic illnesses, and provide wellness, education and preventive services.

Personal Remedies cognitive system identifies the most helpful dietary and lifestyle choices for individuals, taking into account their illnesses, allergies, medications, dietary preferences and other health issues.

Through this collaboration, GoHealthNow registered members now have unlimited access to the full capabilities of the Personal Remedies knowledgebase and features. Personal Remedies also provides the largest collection of mobile apps in the market. Each app is focused on a specific chronic condition, and its common comorbidities.