Food is Medicine?

We can tell you which food for what illness! A technological solution that provides science-based individualized guidance on diet, lifestyle, herbal supplements and alternative therapies.


Empower your patients to make better dietary decisions, increase their engagement, and improve outcomes.

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Individualized to patients

Science-based knowledgebase on food-disease interactions for 100+ chronic illnesses and health issues.


Responsive 24/7

Patients and consumers need access to dietary and lifestyle guidance  at anytime from anywhere. Home, office, dining out, or while shopping.


Immediate Availability

Access our knowledgebase via an open API, or offer our apps under your brand immediately. No integration required. No mess.

Delivering your dietary & lifestyle guidance, automated.

Provide individualized, actionable and easy to use guidance to your patients and subscribers.

Our expert system takes into account 90+ nutrients, latest available science on prevention or treatment of various chronic illnesses, and patient’s multiple health issues and medications.

Automated support for addressing root causes of illness.

Offer science-based dietary therapies for microbiome health, inflammation, detoxification, managing chronic conditions … and more.

Access our knowledgebase via an open API.

We enable you to answer the questions that no one else can. Example: Is <pick any food, e.g., snow crab, peanuts> good for <pick any illness, e.g., cervical cancer, CKD>?

Offer mobile apps under your own brand. Today!

We have 35 apps available in the market. Each focused on one chronic illness and its comorbidities.

Pay as you go.

We license all our capabilities for a monthly fee that is tied to the transaction volume of your business.

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Over 40,000 patients and consumers have used our capabilities to-date.

How to get started ...

Contact us to schedule a one-on-one presentation and demo at your convenience.