Open API for Chronic Care Management


Developers can produce intelligent and personalized dietary services for patients and consumers

Boston, June 8, 2018. Personal Remedies is delighted to announce availability of a new industry standard API (Application Programming Interface) for access to its knowledgebase.

PR knowledgebase is the product of an AI-based technology that can capture, aggregate, analyze and summarize latest research and science available on various types of interactions such as food-disease, nutrient-disease, food-drug, nutrient-nutrient, disease-alternative therapy … interactions and relationships. The PR patented software and algorithms can determine helpfulness and harmfulness of thousands of nutrients, common food items, various alternative therapies and lifestyle choices … as they relate to hundreds of chronic illnesses, allergies, diets, medications and health risks. The PR knowledgebase is already in use by 36 mobile apps (Choose This Not That series of apps for various common chronic illnesses), an Amazon Alexa skill named My Dietitian, and several telehealth organizations and clinics.

The new open API is based on the industry standard Web Services known as REST (Representational State Transfer). Third parties and developers can use this open API to access various services and information available in the PR knowledgebase not found anywhere else in the healthcare industry. Here is a sample of queries or services addressed through the open API:

  • Is <<pick any nutrient or food item, e.g., snow crab>> good for <<pick any illness, e.g., Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis>>? To which the API will return one of seven responses varying from Most Helpful to Most Harmful/Avoid.
  • What are the top items to consume for <<pick any illness, e.g., gout, PCOS>>? To which the API returns a list of approximately five food items, actions and therapies that are most effective in prevention, treatment or management of the selected illness.
  • What are the top items to avoid (or consume less of) for <<pick any illness, e.g., gout, PCOS>>? To which the API returns a list of approximately five food items, actions and lifestyle choices that are considered a cause, a risk factor or most harmful to the selected illness.
  • Which are the best <<Food Group, e.g., Fruits, Nuts & Seeds, Fish>> for <<pick any illness, e.g., Osteoarthritis, Breast Cancer>>? To which the API will return a list of best choices of food within the selected food group as they relate to the selected illness. There are 18 food groups to choose from.

The list of use cases and organizations that could benefit from API access to the PR knowledgebase includes:

  • Telehealth organizations that wish to expand their services beyond care for acute conditions and offer care for chronic illnesses.
  • Chronic Care Management Reimbursements. Last year Medicare approved monthly reimbursements for chronic care management services delivered by the providers. Many providers are looking for a more automated and cost-effective approach to deliver these services. PR API is the enabling technology for such services.
  • “Healthy” Recipes. Many organizations and individuals publish and promote “healthy” recipes, while in fact what may be “healthy” to one individual may be deadly for another! Through the API, they can identify the recipes and ingredients that may be helpful or harmful to a specific condition, and offer warnings or separate lists of recipes, substitutions and food items most appropriate for a specific health condition.
  • “Food Is Medicine”. Any healthcare and wellness organization that supports and promotes “Food is Medicine”, can use the API to programmatically answer which food is a medicine for which illness.
  • Health IT and corporate wellness organizations can expand their dietary tools and services beyond the usual weight loss and diabetes, and address a much broader list of common chronic illnesses.

“Health and well-being are very personal. People can only act on the information that applies to their personal situation. The dietary data, recipes and healthy living advice provided by so many vendors is rarely tailored to an individual’s health profile”, says Mory Bahar, the CEO of Personal Remedies, “our new API allows organizations to provide relevant and actionable information to their patients, clients, employees, and the like”.