Introducing the Choose This not That series of apps for patients, physicians and payers


ach app is designed to provide simple and actionable guidance for a specific chronic condition as well as the combination of that illness with other likely health issues, risks and complications. If you rather tackle health issues and risks through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes instead of or in addition to prescription drugs and other typical medical treatments, then we encourage you to try our apps.

Tailored to your profile


very individual using our app creates his/her own profile: you specify the health conditions of concern to you, as well as basic data such as your height and weight. We do NOT require or retain identification information such as your name, phone number, etc.

Unfortunately, health issues often come our way in groups of two or more. Each health issue often results in other health complications, thus the need for looking at a combination of health concerns and risks when formulating our nutrition plans and lifestyle changes.  One of the factors that makes “Choose This not That” series of apps different from all others available to you on the market is that we offer nutrition guidelines for COMBINATIONS of illnesses and risks that may be relevant to your situation.

Is this good for me?


e answer these questions better than anyone else can.  Based on your personal profile, we can tell you if a specific food is good or bad for you. The food item that may be a “superfood” for one person, might be terrible for another!

Suggestions for me


re you unsure of what to eat? Or which meat, fish, vegetable, nuts or seeds to select? We single out the best choices for you within a food group, based on your personal profile. This feature is indispensable when dining at a restaurant, cooking at home or grocery shopping.

Up-to-date information


orking with a team of scientific and clinical advisors, we continuously update our data based on the latest reliable research and findings. The new information becomes available to you immediately without the need for you to download a new version of our app. You can always view the date of our last database update under the “Important Notes — About Our App” selection from within your app.

Meet Our e-Dietitian


eet our “e-dietitian”. Knows about nutrient content of thousands of food items for ninety different nutrients and substances. Instantly recalls vast number of articles and latest evidence-based studies. Can take into account all your health issues, allergies, dietary preferences and medications. Always available when you need it. Never forgets anything. And never gives you any attitude! Put it to work through our knowledgebase Personal Food List feature.