Announcing Automated Recipe Health Assessment


The expert system identifies helpful and harmful recipes based on an individual’s health

Boston, June 26, 2018. Personal Remedies announces availability of the first fully automated capability in the healthcare industry, that can assess suitability of any recipe as it relates to a specific health issue or the unique health profile of an individual.

PR knowledgebase is the product of an AI-based technology that can capture, aggregate, analyze and summarize latest research and science available on various types of interactions such as food-disease, nutrient-disease, food-drug, nutrient-nutrient, disease-alternative therapy … interactions and relationships. The PR patented software and algorithms can determine helpfulness and harmfulness of thousands of nutrients, common food items, alternative therapies and lifestyle choices … as they relate to hundreds of chronic illnesses, allergies, diets, medications and health risks. The PR knowledgebase is already in use by 36 mobile apps (Choose This Not That series of apps for various common chronic illnesses), an Amazon Alexa skill named My Dietitian, and several telehealth organizations and clinics.

The new Recipe Health Assessment feature is based on the same patented technology that is behind the PR knowledgebase. The new feature takes advantage of the existing knowledge about the relationship between every ingredient and every health issue maintained in the system. The new feature takes into account every ingredient and its amount called for by the recipe, to determine the recipe’s helpfulness or harmfulness to a given health issue, or any combination of health concerns of an individual.

In the first application of the new tool, PR team selected the most popular “healthy” recipes featured on the widely and publicly available network — the Food Network. Each recipe was automatically evaluated by the new tool, and the results are now available to PR partners and customers via the recently announced Open API. In addition, the Choose This Not That series of mobile apps’ thousands of users will be able to receive guidance on the best recipes for their health concerns.

Virtually in every recipe there are some ingredients that may be good, and some that may be bad as they relate to our wellbeing. The problem is further complicated by the fact that each ingredient and recipe may be helpful to some of our health issues and not so for other health concerns. To-date there has not been a fully automated solution to these complex problems.

Recipe and Recipe sites are one of the most popular forms of content on the internet. Virtually every health and nutrition related site, every food retailer, every food manufacturer … publishes their own recipes and millions of consumers flock to such sites and TV programming to experiment with the new and old recipes. Support for recipe health assessment has remained the top request PR has received from partners, customers and consumers to-date.

“There are thousands of apps and sites that promote their healthy recipes and healthy living content. But none of the content is tied to an individual’s unique health concerns”, says Mory Bahar, the CEO of Personal Remedies, “There is no such thing as a healthy recipe. It all depends on the consumer’s personal situation”.

The list of use cases and organizations that could benefit from the new feature includes:

  • Corporate Wellness organizations can expand their dietary tools and services beyond the usual weight loss and diabetes, and provide personalized food and recipe recommendations taking into account each individual user’s health concerns.
  • Telehealth organizations and other providers looking to further engage their patients in on-going use of their patient portals and platforms, can offer them guidance on recipes that would be appropriate for their personal situation.
  • “Healthy” Recipes. Many organizations and individuals publish and promote “healthy” recipes, while in fact what may be “healthy” to one individual may be deadly for another! The new capability allows them to identify the recipes and ingredients that may be helpful or harmful to a specific condition, and offer warnings or separate lists of recipes, substitutions and food items most appropriate for a specific health condition.
  • “Food Is Medicine”. Any healthcare and wellness organization that supports and promotes the “Food is Medicine” concept, can now communicate which recipe is “medicine” for which illness.


About Personal Remedies

Personal Remedies is empowering chronic illness patients everywhere via the world’s first e-Dietitian. For telehealth, integrative medicine and wellness organizations looking to improve their care for chronic conditions, its cognitive system can provide science-based, fully-automated, individualized dietary guidance. Personal Remedies offers a unique knowledgebase on food-disease interactions accessible via an open API, the largest collection of health and nutrition apps in the market, and an Amazon Alexa skill named My Dietitian. Their customers and partners include Apple, Google, Amazon, USDA, GoHealthNow, Well Life, IBM and StartUp Health. To arrange for a demo or for more information, please contact their team (, or visit