Natural Sources


What is a good source of or high in a specific nutrient or substance?

Natural Remedies

Dietary suggestions for an illness or chronic condition. What is helpful & what is harmful?

Food Facts & More

What are the main nutrients in a food item? What health conditions can it help or worsen?

Personal Food List

Individualized dietary guidance. Suggestions for those suffering from multiple chronic conditions.

Is This Good For Me?

Find out if a given food item is good or bad for your personal health profile. (Members Only)

Do-It-Yourself Diet

Get dietary suggestions based on your own list of nutrients to consume or avoid.

Food Suggestions For Me

Receive a list of suggestions within a food group based on your personal profile. (Members Only)

My Health Profile

Create or revise your health profile, i.e., list of your health issues, allergies, medications, dietary preferences & fitness goals

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