Who we are

Personal Remedies delivers advanced technology solutions that empower patients, caregivers and providers, with instant evidence-based and individualized guidance on chronic illnesses and dietary regimens. We enable personalized nutritional care plans that can lead to remarkable outcomes for patients and the world’s growing chronic illness challenges.

Our expert system maintains the most comprehensive science-based knowledgebase on food-disease interactions, allergies, dietary preferences, wellness and food-drug interactions in the market. We empower telehealth, ACO, integrative medicine and wellness providers to engage their patients in more proactive management of their own chronic conditions.

Our Products


Kidney Stones(Oxalate)

Crohn’s Disease

Our Team


Mory Bahar

President & CEO

Andrew Lenhardt, MD

Medical Director

Katya Tsaioun, PhD

Chief Scientific Advisor

Providers & Payers

Patient's active engagement in managing their chronic conditions results in:

  • Better care and outcomes
  • Lower hospital re-admission rates
  • Increased compliance with prescribed therapy

At last, a technology-based solution for individualized dietary guidance to patients


Patients & Consumers

Take a more active role in improving your health

  • Guidance tailored to your profile and based on the information you provide about your needs and health conditions
  • Actionable information – no need to figure out the next step or how to translate the information into action
  • Easy to understand and easy to use


Latest Updates

Our New Mentor & Advisor – Frank Slootman

Open API for Chronic Care Management

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Personal Remedies presenting at StartUp Health Festival

Put our knowledgebase to work for you via an easily accessible cloud-based Open API.

Together, we can identify the best & worst specific food, recipes & lifestyle choices for your patients.