ccording to the government data, half of US adults suffer from at least one chronic medical condition, and one in four from multiple illnesses. Care for chronic conditions accounts for 75% of the total healthcare expenses nationally, and the 27% of patients with multiple illnesses represent 66% of total spending. These burgeoning costs are unsustainable for patients, industry stakeholders, and the nation.

A significant body of medical research suggests that proper nutrition and lifestyle choices would meaningfully benefit 80% of patients with chronic conditions. This has given rise to the assertion “food and lifestyle are the medicine”.

The challenge for patients with chronic conditions is the difficulty in obtaining relevant and actionable advice from a trusted source.  A vast majority of physicians do not have the time, cannot keep up with the needed expertise, and are not compensated for responding to patients’ requests for nutrition or lifestyle guidance.  Credible sources are not easily available, do not provide actionable recommendations, and often provide contradictory information. In some settings, nutrition guidance is provided by Registered Dietitians, but such services are not always covered by health insurance, and this approach is not scalable to the broader population and remote locations.

The US Department of Health and Human Services is not alone in recognizing the worrying trend; there is a void of information “regarding care for those with multiple chronic conditions”.

There is a growing desire within the healthcare community to engage patients in active management of their own health. But while everyone is talking about patient engagement, very few have figured out how to do it or do it well.

We can help expand your telehealth, integrative medicine & ACO service offerings to include better and on-going care of those patients suffering from chronic conditions. Let’s move your organization beyond treating acute conditions, and into the vast and growing opportunity to improve care for chronic illnesses.

We enable telehealth groups and providers like you to offer a new, efficient yet personalized service to your patients. This could result in the following benefits to your organization:

  • Better care & outcomes through patients’ active engagement in managing their chronic conditions. Getting the patients to do more monitoring and more frequent measurements of their blood pressure, sugar level … will not improve their health! Making positive or educated changes to their diet and life style will.
  • Lower re-admission rates based on patients’ increased awareness and more likely compliance with regimen and life style changes tailored to their specific profile
  • Improve your productivity and free up your time. Let our team and technology educate the patients about proper regimen, appropriate food & lifestyle choices, food-drug interactions … accessible to them at any time and from anywhere. Reduce the unnecessary urgent care, after-hours calls, common queries and the like.
  • Promote your brand/company/office to a much broader audience. At your choice, you can offer our apps under your own brand, and make it available on all major app stores worldwide. Or your platform can access our knowledgebase through an open API and thus offer unique in the industry personalized dietary guidance to your members or patients.
  • New service and revenue stream. Telehealth organizations, wellness groups, providers, self-insured corporations and payers can offer our capabilities to their patients, subscribers or employees and package & price it as they prefer.

What makes us so different?

  • Personalized/Relevant information
  • tied to each patient’s unique health profile. Their personal profile includes their allergies, illnesses, health risks, medications, weight loss diet, age …
  • support for Multiple Chronic Conditions — a difficult problem that no one else has solved till now!
  • Actionable recommendations
  • not volumes of text, data or an encyclopedia
  • ready to use for each patient
  • Credible / Objective
  • Based on strong science and expert reviews. Click here for more information on the science and the team behind our capabilities.
  • independent from drug, supplement and other product manufacturers
  • Innovative and Proven Technology
  • Personalized Nutrition Advisor; US Patent No. 8504385
  • Over 40,000 consumers and patients have used and tested our products. Click here for the list of our products, or to access our knowledgebase
  • Our knowledgebase is the product of tens of man-years of research and development
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